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There were a lot of people wondering what KCB’s transformation looked like after being devoured by the cybug, which inspired me to try animating how it might’ve looked like.
This took me about 8 months on and off, and i’m pretty sure i’m not gonna be animating something with so many legs and stripes again any time soon but it was still fun to make

/ Mavis & Turbo


               A black bat with a toothy grin, hastily, flapped over a speedway amid flavorful land; although the sweets appeared to lack what they did back in her game which would have made them most delectable. Exhausted, the small mammal surveyed the world around her. Harsh, bright, rays were weighing her down more than she had ever experienced before. It had to be because she was in another game. — ‘Oh wow, oh no~ Okay, get it together, Mavis! You’re here. This is what you wanted; to see new places, to meet new faces. Just gotta be careful and not let yourself die! It’s only a little visit.”

The creature vigorously flew down beside a gigantic pink gumdrop where she sought shelter in the shadow it cast. A vivid blue light curtained Mavis, as she transformed into her default self. More of the same gigantic gumdrops adorned the area which made shade-like stepping stones for the female figure to get around. One by one she peeled herself away from the granulating sugar coated candies.

How long had she been in here now? The weight of this world’s sun was taking it’s toll on her so it felt like it had been forever since she flew through the entrance and over the rainbow road. She was eager to meet the inhabitants of Sugar Rush; fellow racers. — ‘I really should just rest for a moment bu-’ she kicked herself mentally then noticed what looked like a tarp out the corner of her eye. Curiously, the young woman inspected it, discovering that what she thought was a tarp was actually a large candy wrapper. A smile graced thin, black glossed, lips. 

     ”This is neat. Just what I could use.” 
Now if only she could find something to cut it with as well as something to use for a needle and thread; then she could make a hooded poncho as security until nightfall. That is, if Sugar Rush even has a nighttime level.

     ”I wonder if Dad’s noticed I’ve left yet.”
Mavis chewed on the inside of the left side of her cheek. She felt bad for going against her father’s wishes but after seeing some of the other games out from inside the monitor of her own, it just felt like her calling. She had no malicious intent, she just wanted to make the most of every little thing.

The raven haired beauty, clad in black, sure stood out in such a brightly colored game. Seriously, why hadn’t she seen any of the racers yet, why hadn’t they at least noticed her? Thoughts kept flickering into Mavis’ mind about what kind of characters they are. Were they welcoming of strangers, were they are short as they appeared on their monitor, and could she befriend them?

Unexpectedly the tresspasser suddenly felt herself falling into a crumbling crater at the base of a mountain shaped like a cola bottle. Mavis didn’t have the energy to become a bat so in reflex she reach out grabbing at the crevices of the walls to catch her fall. Her attempts to lessen the impact of the fall were unsuccessful.

The diet cola bubbled and spewed as the mentos came tumbling down, splashing into the glowing drink below. There wasn’t a sound after that.

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“..Uh..” Glancing away, Wander held an awkward grin.

“Name’s Wander..?”

Wander, huh? Well, I’m King Candy!" The cybrid answered.

Turbo arched his brow as he looked little Wander over… Funny little guy sort of reminded him of a certain handyman.

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“Hi! Wanna lick me?” Wander tilted his head, beaming.


… That could totally be misheard.

“Misheard as what?” The chocolate covered nomad tilted his head in confusion. “It’s just chocolate, silly!”

Once again, that could be misheard.

Shaking his head, Turbo reached over and took the little orange guy in his claw, looking him over.

And who’re you?

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“Hi! Wanna lick me?” Wander tilted his head, beaming.

… That could totally be misheard.

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Disney Villains Week

Jacob | Day 4 | Most Evil/Disgusting Villain: Turbo/King Candy 

missdixiedarlin said: then you should…have some candy! ;P

I’ve been having candy ever since I respawned!" The cybrid answered, his words quickened and his voice hissing.

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So hungry…
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{{… Make one of the orcs bright pink?

There already IS one who is bright pink!

No, he’th thalmon.

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